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Hollywood - Standing almost 8 feet tall, he is the cool leader of the Inflatamaniacs. He's always on point never missing a beat. Growing up in a loving middle class family he always strives for attention. When he dances people call him Hollywood because of his stage presence, so the name stuck. His passion for rap music and his crazy moves also got him the nickname of the "Hip Hop Sensation"



Ice - Standing just barely six feet tall she also cares the nickname "The Prima Ballerina" for here love of classical music and the proper side of dance. She is a lyrical technician with outstanding jumps and power. She is the girlfriend of Hollywood. When those two dance together watch as the sparks fly. When she dances alone she is cold as ice.


G Money - Standing almost 8 feet tall he is the rough and tough intimidator of the group. G Money is the only son of a famous hip hop artist. His parents own business in everything from clothing to cologne. His parents wanted a different life for him then themselves so they enrolled him in Ball Room classes at any early age. He brings his own unique groove and style to the group. He is a natural born prodigy. His unorthodox style has coined him the name "Ball Room Bad Boy"



Munchie - The mythical, magical, big blue imaginary friend of the inflatamaniacs. Munchie likes to eat anything in his path. He's always hungry. Beware not to make him mad or suffer the consequences.
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